Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions and make sure that you and / or your representative adhere to this.

  1. By accepting a skip or other services, the hirer, or his representative, is fully accepting the terms & conditions set out for the services provided by RUBBLEMAN.
  2. No skip will be collected or swopped until all paid and settled in full, unless otherwise agreed upon. Payments can be in Cash or via EFT.
  3. We need sufficient space to drop & collect the skip.
    • It is the responsibility of the owner/builder to ensure that the area is clean.
    • The driver will off-load the skip on or as close to the requested area.
    • We need a ±1.5m clearance around our skip for collection.
    • At no time will the skip be shifted/moved or removed by any other than RUBBLEMAN self.
    • If the skip cannot be lifted as a result of it being moved or shifted, there will be extra charges.
  4. RUBBLEMAN will endeavor to place a skip at the customer’s direction but will not be held responsible or liable for any damage to property or surrounds caused by following those directions.
  5. For Building Rubble, Sand and Stone, the skip may NOT be filled above the lines in the skip. 
  6. In the case of a skip being overloaded, RUBBLEMAN reserves the right under the Road Traffic Act and the Workplace Health and Safety Act,
    • to refuse to lift the skip
    • to charge an additional cost for daily rent, wasted travel and labor costs until the skip is safe to be transported
    • to charge additional fees per load to remove it.
  7. The hirer agrees to fully indemnify RUBBLEMAN against any liability for personal injury or property damage.
  8. In the event of a skip not being available for collection on its designated pick up day, and unless prior arrangements have been made for extended hire, additional transport charges and hire charges will be applied for wasted journey(s).
  9. Skips will not contain any prohibited items such as asbestos / tires / paints / liquids / foodstuffs / combustibles or gases.
  10. No fires are lit in, and no corrosive acid or noxious substance, liquid cement or concrete placed in the skip.
  11. Should any of the above-prohibited items be found to be in the hired skip, the customer is solely liable for all separation, environmental clean-up, and administration and disposal/transport/hygiene costs arising from any contamination.
  12. Please DO NOT mix the building rubble (in other words do not have mixed rubble types). An additional municipality fee will be charged if mixed with this general waste.
  13. Mixed waste materials in the skip will have a second-separate invoice for the municipal dumping fees (this is calculated after dumping, due to various fees charged)


Clean builders rubble consist of sand, bricks, stone and concrete

Light mixed – consists of wood, plastic and paper (additional municipal dumping fees could apply)

Heavy mixed – consists of wood, plastic paper, rhino-board, tree cuttings, house-hold waste and builders rubble combined (additional municipal dumping fees will apply)

The skip and accessories will remain the property of RUBBLEMAN.



Acc Name: Rubbleman

Acc Number: 927 596 2181 (Savings)

Branch Code: 632-005